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Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating system is a device that uses solar energy to heat water for domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. Heating of water is the most common application of solar energy in the world. A typical solar water heating system can save up to 1500 units of electricity every year, for every 100 litres per day of solar water heating capacity.

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HPWH is the most advanced water heating equipment in the world today. It is based on reverse Carnot Cycle and uses refrigerant to get the heat from the air which is transferred to water inside the tank. Heat Pump has a wide range of heat sources – sun, rain, earth, and air. Here we are considering the air source Heat Pump technology.


Solar energy is the most abundant energy source available. In fact, according to National Geographic, every hour, the sun beams enough energy to meet the entire world’s energy needs for a year! The tricky part is harnessing the energy efficiency to meet those needs. Solar power depends on the sun being out and when it’s not, solar panels generate no power.


The major advantage of using solar lights is to operate without any form of electrical wiring. So that they can be installed instantly and effortlessly. These lights come with a solar panel on top, thats why solar lights never require any electricity, which can save your electricity bills.


SV Marketing Pvt.Ltd provides custom designed, situation-specific solar modules and complete charging systems for a wide range of specialist end uses. We are able to produce modules for both low power applications and solar concentration systems.


We have deployed services so that the fencing work should be done in an effective manner. We are extending our hands in protecting the property of the clients by offering our extraordinary fencing services. With the help of these Solar Electric Fence services the clients can secure their properties with a peace of mind.


The colour, taste and smell of your water can vary at different times of the year. This is very normal and usually depends on where your water comes from.Treating water protects our health by making sure safe drinking water is supplied from our Water Treatment Systems. So let’s do something for your health.


Reverse Osmosis will generally remove salt, manganese, iron, fluoride, lead, and calcium. Most mineral constituents of water are physically larger than water molecules and they are trapped by the semi-permeable membrane and removed from drinking water when filtered through an RO. Meanwhile, consumers are concerned about the removal of minerals from their drinking water.


Zykron Fibre Cement Solutions have a long list of advantages that make them superior to conventional building materials, including.