About S V Marketing India Pvt Ltd

S V Marketing India PVT LTD has established 1998 November with the aim to manufacture water heating systems, setting high aims as far as quality in all sectors is concerned: production process, product and services. Investing in new technology and development, we can offer a variety of solar thermal energy products of high aesthetics and efficiency, Providing Total Solar energy solutions, Pump solution & Water Treatment solutions For domestic & industrial.

Human potential & Facilities

Continuous investment in research and modernization programmes, in high technology and accuracy machinery, in methods of industrial automation and innovative product improvement, in training of our human potential and use of highly trained personnel. All the above mentioned guarantee flexibility, efficiency and high production performance. Production is carried out in our own modern industrial facilities.

Technical experience

Increasing our turnover to an impressive degree from year to year, thus enabling us to gain an ever increasing market share, proof of the acknowledgement of our aims and professional skills. we offer a unique combination of know-how, design skills, a complete product range and a reliable after sales service.

Our position today

Over many years, we have worked to earn a high level of trust from our partners and Karnataka customers. Time and again, our customers confirm their basic faith in our products and services. Solar Perfection nurtures trusting customer relationships all over India.


Established design methods, production process and products, we have achieved high standards of professionalism, using all our resources, dedicated to the systematic study for the production of high specification, modern products. Due to the responsibility guaranteed by our valuable experience and long term know-how, thanks to our employees and our determination, we are uniquely qualified to offer you a variety of available immediate solutions and trustworthy services before and after sale, making our name synonymous with quality and reliability.

What We Do



Bring your vision to life with modular systems that set


Our mission is to inspire face to face experiences


Continuous investment in research and modernization