Animal Fences

Animal Fences

Solar power fence is an electrical fence. This system actively controls entry of animals, human beings by giving them a short, sharp but safe shock. Electric Fence is an effective way of reducing losses caused by animals.


Existing posts can be made use of provided the corner/end poles are strong.

The shock does not physically harm animals or human beings.

High-transmissivity triple-layered clog and choke free collector tubes

UV resistant polyester powder coated steel structure.


Corrosion resistant tank ensures long life

Overnight temperature drop less than 3oC

Daily hot water upto 65oC

Save upto 9,700 per year*

Designed for easy & low-cost install


152 litres ceramic lined steel tank

2.6m 2 evacuated tube collector

Polyester powder coated steel structure

UV resistant polyester powder coated steel structure.

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