SVM FPC Solar Water Heater

    FPC Solar Water Heater in Bangalore

    The Solar Flat Plate Collector has the widest range of water heaters, suitably suited for the commonplace, pressurized applications and various other benefits, which has hard water tolerance requirements. This Flat Plate Collector solar water heaters series ensure longevity due to the triple-layered vacuum tubes.

    The Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heaters are available from 100 litres (capacity of 2 to 3 members) to 1000 litres (12 to 24 members) in one day.

    •  100LPD
    • 200LPD
    • 300LPD
    • 500LPD
    • 1000LPD

    *LPD (Litres Per Day capacities)

    • Shower
    • Cooking
    • Cafeteria
    • Dis Washing
    • Laundry
    • Car Washing
    • Pool Heating
    • Hostel
    • Component Washing
    • Auto Industry
    • Pharma Industry
    • Chemical Industry
    • Textile Industry
    • Fertilizers
    • Food Processing
    • Dairy Industry
    • Pre-Heat Boiler Water
    • Paint Industry
    • Inner Stainless Steel Material and the thickness of 304/GRP/Boiler grade steel
    • Cylindrical in shape and horizontally assembled
    • PUF insulation of 40-50mm
    • Backup heat generator of 2 KW With thermostat control 230V AC
    • Outer cladding of Pre-coated galvanized Steel/Aluminum
    • Outer has finishing of Pure Polyester Powder Coating
    • Pressure and air release valve
    • Type of collector is a Flat Plate Collector
    • Source of fuel is the Sun
    • Consistent hot water of upto 80 degrees


    Non-stick 2 mm inner tank with ceramic lining

    Sacrificial anode protection

    High-transmissivity triple-layered clog and choke free collector tubes

    UV resistant polyester powder coated steel structure.


    Corrosion resistant tank ensures long life

    Overnight temperature drop less than 3oC

    Daily hot water upto 65oC

    Save upto 9,700 per year*


    152 litres ceramic lined steel tank

    2.6m 2 evacuated tube collector

    Polyester powder coated steel structure

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