Solar Offgrid Systems

    Solar Offgrid Systems

    In order to implement such stand-alone off-grid systems, it is necessary to combine the photovoltaic equipment with suitable batteries and charge regulators.

    Off-grid solar energy systems convert sunlight into electricity without connecting to local utility grids. We believe clean energy should be available to everyone.


    Rapid payback and predictable costs.

    Simplified logistics and better security.

    Reliable near maintenance-free energy for up to 30 years

    3,900 tonnes CO2 emissions saved per year


    Provide base-load solar generation with no fuel cost or delivery risk

    Reduce health risks associated with kerosene and diesel fuel

    Enable easy payment and collection with robust pay-as-you-go billing and metering

    Support fast installation, low maintenance, and easy service

    Provide income generation and economic development opportunities


    Solar Home Systems

    Residential Systems

    Industrial Systems

    Backup Systems.

    Hybrid PV Systems.

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