Solar Ongrid Systems

Solar Ongrid Systems

Electricity generated by a Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system can be directly consumed by the load itself or can be stored in a battery bank or can be sent out to the grid. A solar PV system in which the electricity generated can be sent to the grid is called an on-grid system.


Rapid payback and predictable costs.

Simplified logistics and better security.

Reliable near maintenance-free energy for up to 30 years

3,900 tonnes CO2 emissions saved per year.


Low cost solar power reduces electricity cost

Reliable System with very low maintenance

Easier to install as they do not require battery system

System life more than 25 years

Efficient hedge against inflation in Grid electricity tariff

Green Energy generation help reducing carbon foot print


SolarPV Module

Grid-interactive Inverters

Mounting Structures

Array Junction Boxes/DC Combiner Boxes.

Required protection devices like Earthing kit, lighting protection etc.

AC Distribution Box.

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