Solar Roof-top Solutions

    Solar Roof-top Solutions

    Every organization requires uninterrupted power the difference lies in how they meet their requirements. Cost is not the only concern; a dependable source of energy is more important. If you have a rooftop or land to spare, you can opt for your own solar power plant.
    Tata Power Solar has designed and deployed solar PV installations for businesses like Infosys, IBM and Dell, giving these organizations not only reliable backup power, but also a green and economical source.


    Flexibility to design and develop projects under a wide variety of business models, e.g. direct sales, JVs, fully managed solutions, etc.

    No upfront capital investment and superior lease rates from roof space allocated to the project

    Fully managed systems via our utility-scale command and control center

    Quick deployment with no need for expensive transmission and distribution build out

    Environmental leadership

    Support for public affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives


    Fully integrated Solar plant- easy to install & service

    Box beneath panels houses solar inverter & batteries

    Generates 4 units/day on an average

    Minimum Generation 1200 units/year.

    Saves Rs 7200 per year (1 unit @ Rs.6).




    Best grade materials

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