Power Packs

    Power Packs

    Innovative solar power pack from Tata Power Solar which couples with existing battery and inverter make.Power your home for upto 8 hours with dynamo. PV array wattage ranging from 100-1120wp.


    Proven, long-lasting modules with consistent power outputfor 25 years

    Low maintenance, long-life batteries

    In-built electrical protection for personnel and equipment

    Certified IP21 PCU enclosure for indoor use

    Wide operating temperature range from 0 to 50°C

    Movable/fixed structure designed to withstand 150kmph wind speed


    Solar power – on demand

    Saves on fuel costs of generator set

    Smooth sine wave enables functioning of supported appliances

    Standard warranty of 1 year, extended warranty available


    Solar array ranging from 100 to 1120 Wp

    Long-life, deep-cycle battery ranging from 75 to 180 Ah

    Safe and secure PCU ranging from 300 to 1000 VA

    PV structure with desired tilt

    Other power ratings and voltage configuration on request

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