Industrial Bosch Heat Pump

    Industrial Bosch Heat Pump

    BOSCH Heat Pump is Combination with the electric backup heating element to guarantee hot water throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.


    Storage capacity: 150L and 200L

    Air working temperature (HP): 5 to 43 + -7 to 43

    Manual and auto programming operation modes

    Integrated refrigerant circuit, pipe around the tank outside

    Unique shape of HP module, incorporating VBL in front cover


    Substantial economy of energy, up to 75% compared with other DW systems

    Availability of hot water as per end-users requirements

    Reliable appliance

    User-friendly HMI

    Availability of hot water


    HP module cover– silver RAL9006

    Rubber gasket and flap – grey (RAL7001)

    Electric element cover – Bosch white

    Tank – Bosch white

    Logo stick on appliance – silver

    Big LCD

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