Embassy Pristine


Solar with heat pump Hybrid water heating system

Embassy Pristine is high end lead Platinum Residential apartments. Located at Iblur village, Bangalore. Here Bosch initiated for Renewable type centralized Hot water solution by using solar thermal with heat pump Hybrid hot water system instead of Electrical Geysers.  and Bosch Thermotechnology implemented the hybrid heating solutions at Embassy Pristine.

Project Details

Project Location: Embassy Pristine  Iblur village Bengaluru.

No. of Towers- 9

No of Floors – 14

Capacity: 15,000 liters per day/ each Tower
Number of collectors: 78 solar thermal collectors

No of heat pumps: 38KW *34 Nos
Maximum temperature: 55 °C
Application: Domestic applications, Like Bathing, and kitchen operations.


Collector: Solar Thermal Collector
Absorber: Single sheet absorber

Heat pumps- Air source Heat pumps


Embassy Pristine Output Details:

Embassy working Condition

Reduction in Electrical consumption by 65%.
Reduction in CO2 emission by 33.7 tons/year
Return on investment 2 years.
2.5Mwh Savings in Electrical Load sanction to Project By using Bosch Hybrid heating system over to Electrical Geysers.


The system is producing hot water with consistency. Saving close to 65% Electrical consumptions compare to Electrical Geyser.